Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spotted! Kellie Pickler in Lululemon

Kellie Pickler was seen wearing a pair of the Astro Wunder Under Crops arriving at the Dancing with the Stars studio yesterday.

Looking good: Kellie Pickler arrived looking like one of the professionals as she paraded her toned figure outside the studio Wow: The singer flaunted her curves in skintight black workout pants and a skimpy T-shirt

Beach Blanket Blue and Pinkelicious!

New Fly Away Tamer Headbands in Beach Blanket Blue and Pinkelicious! A Scuba is already out in Pinkelicious but I am hoping for a CRB.

Lululemon as Streetwear

I don't know about you but I also wear some of my Lulu pieces as streetwear. Here's some photos to give you inspiration:

Cool Racerback Tank, Rejuvenate Pullover, and Vinyasa to Vino Tote

Cool Racerback Tank and Wunder Under Pants.

Practice Freely tank

Cool Racerback Tank and Wunder Under Pants.

Power Y Tank and Diamond Wunder Under Pants

Flow and Go Tank

Flow and Go Tank and Wunder Under Pants.

Spotted! Brandi Chastain wearing Lululemon bikini

US soccer champion Brandi Chastain sported Lululemon swimwear during the filming of the new ABC show Splash. She is seen wearing the Board Balance Sport top and the Sandy Savasana Bottom. Ever the athlete: US soccer champion Brandi Chastain steps off the field and onto the diving board for ABC's Splash, as seen practicing on MondayPerfect form! The 44-year-old used her years of athleticism to her advantage for diving practice on Monday

New Inkwell/Wren/Wagon Stripe Inkwell

My store got the Run: Speed Shorts in Inkwell/Wren/Wagon Stripe Inkwell today but it hasn't hit online yet. It should be uploaded to the website next week.

Run: Speed ShortRun: Speed ShortAlternate View

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spotted! Vanessa Hudgens wearing Lululemon

I love it when Celebrities recycle their clothes. Vanessa Hudgens was seen sporting the Hot but Not tank last year and she was seen wearing it again during her Pilates class on Sunday.

All worth it: The 24-year-old showed off her toned arms in a cutaway black top as she waited to use a machine
Vanessa Hudgens at a Pilates Class on Sunday
Vanessa Hudgens leaving a Yoga class on August 02, 2012
Vanessa Hudgens leaving a Yoga class on August 02, 2012

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New: Vinyasa Surf Tank

A lot of you may have noticed the new tank shown with the Yoga on the run duffle last week. Here it is; the Vinyasa Surf Tank. It will be uploaded next week and it comes in three colors: black/bleached coral/pop orange, fresh teal/white/black and plain black.



New: Run from Work backpack!

More photos of the new Run from Work backpack. It's ergonomic design is lightweight, roomy enough for all your workday essentials, and made of durable water resistant polyester fabric.

Run: Pace Setter Skirt in frangipani parfait pink

I love this new print called frangipani parfait pink. I didn't like the blurred blossom last year or the spring has sprung print earlier this year. I'm glad that Lululemon seems to be stepping up their game and listening to their customers by bringing back the Run: Tame me Tank and the Flow & Go Tank and bringing back Aquamarine. Now if only they would bring back the Define jacket...  

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Run from Work backpack

Interesting new backpack from Lululemon, the Run from Work backpack. I am liking the new colors for their Spring palette.

Lululemon declares they are clear of sheer

New Twist and Shout scarf in Parfait Pink

New Scarf!

I am excited for the upload tonight! A new scarf along with a new color called Parfait pink will be uploaded and Aquamarine is making a comeback. The Twist and Shout Scarf will come in Aquamarine/Mesh Burnout Aquamarine and Parfait Pink/Mesh Burnout Parfait Pink.
Twist and Shout scarf in Aquamarine
Rejuvenate pullover and Twist and Shout in Parfait Pink

Twist and Shout Scarf in Parfait pink

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lululemon Yoga Pants Recall: Publicity stunt?

There have been several reports from customers that they have been turned away after contacting GEC for a refund of the sheer yoga pants which were recalled recently. GEC told one customer that it's "normal" for some of the pants to have "some sheer" to it. Another customer was told that her pants were not part of the recall even though Lululemon has not given a definite and clear answer as to what pants are being recalled. So is this recall a ploy to garner more attention to the brand? Or is there really a recall of their yoga pants? As a loyal customer of Lululemon, it is insulting to me that the company chooses to mock their customers rather than improving their products and providing good customer service. Here's some latest photos uploaded by Lululemon shops across the country:

Window display from Lululemon Downtown Robson Street in Vancouver, BC
Window display from Lululemon Ste Catherine in Montreal, QC

Window display at Lululemon Boulder, Colorado

So what do you think? Funny or insulting?

Forme Jacket on WMTM!

The Forme Jacket has made it to the "We Made Too Much" section on It's down to $64 from $108. I grabbed the reversible slub denim inkwell color since I missed out on the define denim version last year. What do you think of the Forme Jacket?

Forme Jacket

Friday, March 22, 2013

Lululemon mocks customers

I used to love Lululemon but recently their declining quality, ill fitting designs and color palettes made me stir away from them. The recent recall and the way they have been handling the situation doesn't help either. On their facebook fanpage, a customer has made a complaint that while she was making a return at a Lululemon store (the location was not mentioned), she was told to "bend over" in order for their employees to determine whether the pants she bought were sheer or not. To add to her embarrassment she was told that "it was not sheer."

To insult their customers, here are employees from the Lululemon Natick Collection store in Massachusetts.


A message from Lululemon about Pantsgate

This is Lululemon's message to their customers about the recent recall of Lululemon pants aka Pantsgate. What do you think, funny or not?

Spotted! Minka Kelly in Lululemon

 Roughing it: Minka Kelly got put through the ringer by her trainer during a Monday running exerciseFanatic: Even a workout enthusiast like Minka needs a push now and then to test her endurance

Earlier this month, Minka Kelly was seen working out with her personal trainer in L.A. The actress was spotted wearing a pair of Lululemon crops and a Swiftly Headband.

Spotted! First Lady Michelle Obama in Lululemon

First Lady Michelle Obama sure loves Lululemon! She has been spotted wearing it in public more than I can count. Here's her latest sighting wearing a Lululemon Forme Jacket at a Chicago Public School this month. I'm not sure if she is wearing a pair of Groove Pants but it looks like it.

The White House says the most current data, from 2007, shows that just 4 percent of elementary schools, 8 percent of middle schools and 2 percent of high schools provided daily physical educationAs she moved around the room, up-beat music was pumping as loud as a nightclub. She waved her arms and jumped and danced along with thousands of kids

The First Lady also answered a few questions from reporters regarding the buzz surrounding her recent spate of media appearances